M6 van driver ‘hit the middle lane for 12 miles’ as police crack down on rogue drivers

A van driver ‘flowing in the middle lane for 12 miles’ among dozens caught in a two-day police blitz. Another van driver was monitored eating ‘fast food’ with his hands free along the M6 ​​Northbound while driving on his knees.

Police also spotted a woman speeding on the M40 while “making up” on the M40. during a They were among dozens caught during )Operation Tramline’ on the M6, M40 and A46 in Warwickshire.

Another van driver decided to film the Op Tramline supercab on his handheld mobile phone while driving along the M6 ​​Northbound. Officers were watching him and other drivers from a supercab specially adapted for National Highways. They recorded more than 60 crimes in total.

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They recorded more than 60 crimes in total. While 30 citations were issued to motorists, 28 motorists were given advice.

This included the “hogger” in the middle lane that failed to move for 12 miles when lane 1 was empty. The offenses found include:-

  • 22 mobile phone offences
  • 18 seat belt offences
  • 5 speeding offences
  • Three drivers do not have proper control of their vehicle

The following crimes were also found:

  • Six uninsured vehicles and five vehicles were impounded under Section 165 of the Road Traffic Act
  • Four vehicle condition and use offences. These include excessive window tinting, vehicle modifications and defects. A vehicle was prohibited from being driven until the fault was fixed.
  • A driver engaged for driving otherwise than under a license
  • A driver was cited for driving while disqualified
  • A single theft of a motor vehicle resulted in the arrest of the driver and passenger. The vehicle was recovered. Research is ongoing.

A driver received a graduated fixed penalty. They are mainly used for hours of operation violations by commercial vehicle drivers, and the overloading and penalties are graded to reflect factors such as the length of time spent driving over the legal limit.

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