Killers who stabbed him to death after using ‘tracking devices’ get extended sentences

Two men who stabbed a Croydon man to death have been given an extra two years in prison after their original sentences were deemed too lenient.

Donald Owusu and Harvey Macfoy used a tracking device to find Albert Amofa, who they believed was carrying cannabis, on December 15, 2019 and stabbed him outside his home.

Mr Amofa, 33, was stabbed five times in the upper leg, hitting the femoral artery, and died of his injuries two days later when Owusu and Macfoy fled the scene empty-handed.

Owusu, 25, was jailed for life for the murder, with a minimum term of 25 years, and Macfoy, 26, 21 years and an additional 20 months, which was convicted concurrently of intent to pervert the course of justice.

However, the Court of Appeal received a submission from parties who believed the sentences were too low and then upheld the ruling at a hearing on Thursday.

The court raised Owusu’s minimum sentence to 27 years and Macfoy’s to 23 years in prison.

Speaking after the hearing, Solicitor General Michael Tomlinson said: “The senseless and vicious killing of Albert Amofa has caused immeasurable pain and suffering to his family and my thoughts are with them today.

“I welcome the court’s decision to increase both sentences today as I believe they better reflect the intent behind this horrific attack.”

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