Taylor Swift’s pub in Vauxhall towers over Big Ben and Buckingham Palace

A Vauxhall pub which has been linked to Taylor Swift recently received more Google searches than top London attractions such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

The Black Dog pub has been ‘overwhelmed’ by customers since the US pop star presumably named it on her new album.

Google searches for “Black Dog” exploded the day Taylor released Department of Tortured Poets.

New analysis by restaurant furniture maker Affordable Seating found that on April 19, worldwide searches for “The Black Dog” surpassed those for many British landmarks.

In the song, Taylor sings about tracking her ex-boyfriend’s location as he walks into “a bar called the Black Dog”, which her fans are convinced is about her ex Joe Alwyn in London.

Is Taylor Swift’s new song about a pub in Vauxhall?

After a quick fact check from Newsthe only other place she could have been referring to was one of the same name in Cork, Ireland – which her ex Matty Healy may have visited last summer.

However, staff at the south London pub said they were 100% sure he was talking about their venue, which is located at 112 Vauxhall Walk.

People around the world searched for the “Black Dog” 909 percent more than the iconic Big Ben.

The bar’s popularity is even more striking when compared to Tower Bridge or even Buckingham Palace. The Black Dog saw 1,429 per cent more searches on the day than any other UK attraction.

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