Photos show Shirley Park ‘understatedly gorgeous’ in sunlight

Shirley Park may very well be one of the most underrated downtown parks in the region. With a rugby pitch, tennis courts, football pitch, outdoor gym, skate park, huge children’s play area and many nooks and crannies to kick back and relax, it’s a real gem.

Served by a free car park behind Aldi (get a ticket from the machine), the park is full of things to do. Besides that, there are some very nice and picturesque corners that we enjoyed when we visited on a sunny day this week.

In this gallery, we’ll show you what we mean. The huge slide and play park we left out because there were kids having fun and we didn’t want to interrupt! You’ll have to take our word for it, or better yet, take your kids to see how much fun it is for you.

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We’ll share our full story about our visit, but for now, take a look at the photos and you’ll feel like you’ve never been before. And if you have, consider this your cue to go back and make the most of it while the sun shines.

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The leafy walkway in Shirley Park

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

2 out of 16

There are little corners to play in

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

3 out of 16

Dog walkers are treated to a real treat at Shirley Park

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

4 out of 16

One of the climbing frames in Shirley Park

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

5 out of 16

Birds are singing in the trees

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

6 out of 16

Wisteria in Shirley Park

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

7 out of 16

More views of the beautiful walkway

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

8 out of 16

The trees provide speckled picnic spots in Shirley Park

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

9 out of 16

The football pitch… and hills to go down if you’re so inclined!

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

10 out of 16

A wooden turtle sculpture takes care of a lost toy from the nearby playground

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

11 out of 16

Even areas left to grow wild are beautiful when you stop to look at the wildflowers

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

12 out of 16

A birdbath on the lawn

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

13 out of 16

A dog walks past a carved wooden trainer

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

14 out of 16

Wrapped branches twist together to make natural art

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

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A little songbird sings in the sun at the top of the tree

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

16 out of 16

A rose blooms to the sky

(Image: Kirsty Bosley)

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