The family screams for help as the shark approaches while paddling in the sea in Spain

A family was left “terrified” after being surrounded by a shark on a beach in Spain. Tourist Jessica Kenny, 27, was paddling in the sea at Playa Arenal d’en Castell, Menorca, with her four-year-old son when she spotted the shark.

She quickly realized she was following her father Darren, 57, who was swimming ahead towards some buoys on Monday. Concerned beachgoers flagged down the lifeguard – who quickly called for help.

Bystanders started screaming and calling for the lifeguard – who called for backup and put out the red flags. The children were evacuated from the sea, but others were allowed to get close enough to film the shark.

Jessica, a receptionist from Liverpool, said: “I was only up to my waist with my little boy – while my dad had swam ahead. We were laughing and joking because it was cold.

A swimmer watches in horror as the shark’s fin splits the surface of the sea(Image: © Jessica Kenny / SWNS)

“Then I saw a strange thing come out of the water – I joked that it must be a shark. But we didn’t really believe it.

“It was quite strange, zigzagging around us. As it got closer, we realized that the thing sticking out of the water was a fin. We were like, “Oh my god, that’s a shark.”

The mother-of-two ran from the water with her son – as others on the beach laughed. But Jessica realized the shark – believed to be a blue shark – was heading towards Darren, who had started to swim back to the beach.

She said: “We lost sight of each other after we got back. “But then I saw he was following my dad back to the beach. It revolved around him – but it wasn’t working for him, if that makes sense.

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