NEWS: Update on provision of tickets for disabled supporters on 24/25 – News

Coventry City will amend and update its ticketing provision for disabled supporters in the 2024/25 season.

The changes bring the Sky Blues into line with other clubs and were made following consultation with the EFL and also Level Playing Field, the campaign group for disabled sports fans.

The changes will see Coventry City requiring supporters to be on the enhanced rate of PIP or higher level DLA to receive a free Personal Assistant ticket.

The personal assistant is provided with a free match ticket, provided they provide support and assistance to the disabled supporter and their needs and to enable them to attend the match in safety and comfort. If the disabled supporter is not present at the match; then the Personal Assistant ticket cannot be used.

Under 14s will also no longer receive a free ticket for their Personal Assistant, bringing Coventry City back into line with other clubs and entertainment venues. Fair ground guidance indicates that where the disabled person is a young child and their personal assistant/carer is the parent, it is unlikely that service providers will need to allow the adult to attend free of charge as part of the obligation of reasonable adjustments if they require all children to be accompanied by an adult – which the Sky Blues do for all under 14s.

We appreciate that not all circumstances or requirements to attend a game may be covered by the enhanced PIP or higher level DLA criteria and the Box Office will consider such instances on a case by case basis.

The changes being made ensure that disabled supporters who need assistance will still be able to get a Personal Assistant ticket, while ensuring we have a system that is both fair and robust.

Due to the policy change and for this season only, disabled supporters will not be able to automatically renew their Personal Assistant tickets. Anyone requiring a Personal Assistant ticket will need to contact the Box Office – either in person at the Coventry Building Society Arena, by calling 024 76991987 (Option 1) or by emailing [email protected].

Disabled supporters who do not require a Personal Assistant will be able to automatically renew their own season tickets for the 2024/25 campaign, with season ticket details to be confirmed shortly.

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