The DVLA is warning drivers and says it will “revoke” licences

The DVLA can ‘revoke’ individuals’ driving licenses once they turn 70, unless they take specific action. The Driving and Licensing Agency has advised older drivers on Twitter how to avoid this situation.

Their tweet read: “You must renew your license every 3 years after you turn 70. Do it online now, it’s easy, fast and safe.” One user responded with concern: “My dad did this in March, new license not showing up, couldn’t contact anyone to find out if it was posted.”

Another driver expressed his situation: “Hello. I applied for my provisional license and haven’t received it in over 2 months. I checked the website and it says issued but I haven’t received it since. BIOMETRIC RESIDENCE PERMIT is the document used and I need it returned urgently.

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For UK residents approaching or over 70, or those whose UK licenses have expired or are due to expire within the next 90 days, the DVLA service can be used to renew their driving licences. This also applies if you meet the minimum vision requirements or are not prevented from driving for any other reason.

It should be noted that there is a separate service available in Northern Ireland. Once you have reached the age of 70, it is mandatory to renew your license every three years. You can also update your license photo during this renewal process.

To do this you will need an email address, a record of your addresses for the past three years, your National Insurance number (if known) and a valid UK passport number (if you wish to change your license photo).

After applying, DVLA will send you a confirmation email. They may invite you to participate in research by email, but you have the option to decline.

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