Prince William gives Princess Kate a two-word update on cancer as he talks family

Prince William gave a brief update on Princess Catherine’s health, saying she was “doing well” during her cancer treatment. The Duke of Cornwall shared the reassuring news during his engagement in the Isles of Scilly today (May 10).

Confirmation of the princess’ continued recovery from cancer explains why Prince William felt comfortable undertaking a two-day visit to the South West without his wife and children, who remained in Windsor. Despite being away, the future king’s thoughts were on his family, with him noting that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were “very jealous” of his trip to Cornwall. He expressed his intention to return with his children later in the summer season.

Prince William’s conversation took place at St Mary’s Community Hospital on the Isles of Scilly, where plans for a new health and social care unit were discussed. This marks his maiden visit to Cornwall since becoming Duke of Cornwall following his father’s accession to the throne.

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In one of his last public duties in the region, before reuniting with his family, Prince William received a letter from matron’s niece Lynda McHale expressing her well wishes for both Princess Kate and King Charles in their battles with cancer. This week has been particularly uplifting for the royal family, with King Charles resuming a more active schedule after receiving the go-ahead from his medical team, the Express reports.

Both Kate and Charles have been undergoing treatment for undisclosed types of cancer, with Kate having “preventive chemotherapy”, a fact she revealed herself in March. The princess has not yet returned to her public duties, with no date set for when she plans to do so as she continues her private recovery.

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