Yorkshire’s northern lights dazzle thousands as rare phenomena light up the sky

Yorkshire was lit up under the amazing phenomenon that is the northern lights last night.

Residents of West, North, South and East Yorkshire were treated to the rare sight of the aurora, lighting up the dark Yorkshire sky in stunning shades of pink, green, purple and blue.

And if you were tucked up in bed when they were most visible last night, around 11.30pm, don’t panic – you still have a chance to see them tonight (Saturday 11 May) and Sunday 12 May.

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A spokesman for The Met Office said yesterday: “Although the shorter nights will limit the visibility window, there is a good chance of seeing the aurora, particularly on Friday evening and particularly in Scotland, Ireland and parts of northern England and Wales . There might even be visibility further south if you have the right equipment.

“Those conditions could continue into Saturday night, but we still need to work out some details on exactly where that will be.”

Scroll down to see more images of the northern lights over Yorkshire. Did you see them too? Submit your pictures on our Facebook page here.

1 in 7

James Wilson sent in this stunning image of the lights above Huddersfield Castle Hill

2 out of 7

Paul Cooper captured this beautiful view over Huddersfield

3 out of 7
4 out of 7

Chloe sent in this image of the lights above Meltham

5 out of 7
6 out of 7

Picture of Louise Norbury above Huddersfield

7 out of 7

A fantastic strike from Justine in Huddersfield

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