Sikh brothers on a mission to help children make their way to a better life say ‘big battle’

Two Sikh brothers are on a mission to keep young people on the right path through the power of boxing. Bhupinder and Randhir Singh are the older brothers of the Midland Langar Seva Society Boxing Academy in Walsall.

The youngsters, day and night, hit the punching bags under the watchful eye of Bhupinder aka Pops, who is like a father figure to them. A proud trainer with the Sikh warrior spirit, Bhupinder strives to keep children off the streets through sports and other positive activities.

The building also functions as a community centre, with a music studio, women’s classes, cafe and spaces for the elderly to bond over a cup of tea. Bhupinder is more than a community role model, however, his coaching skills have produced 13 amateur wrestlers and three professionals.

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Meanwhile, brother Randhir oversees the community aspect of MLSS, with the gym being part of the brothers’ larger empire, including community work and mental health support. It wasn’t until 2021 that legendary boxer John Fury, father of Tyson Fury, opened the gym on Bloxwich Road.

Bhupinder, 48, a boxing trainer, shared the origin of MLSS Gym saying, “We were training kids in another boxing gym, but during Covid, everything closed down.

Randhir Singh, CEO of MLSS (Image: Husna Anjum)

“My brother and I had a discussion and we thought it would be great to get our own place for the community. So I thought it should also be a community hub.

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