Bristol Queen Square events license granted despite concerns

image caption, Proud Events has a four-year license to hold events in Queen Square as part of the Bristol Harbor Festival

  • Author, Adam Postans
  • Role, Local Democracy Reporting Service

A license to host events in a major city center square has been approved despite noise concerns.

Proud Events, the organizers behind Bristol Harbor Festival, have been awarded a four-year contract to run additional activities in Queen Square as part of the annual summer event.

The company already has a license to sell alcohol, live music and dance at Lloyds Amphitheatre, College Green and Thekla car park, but has applied to the council for permission to hold events for an extra two days.

Queen Square resident Janet Wilson said she was “very concerned” about the plans.

The Harbor Festival is the biggest event in the city, attracting tens of thousands of people every year.

Lloyds Amphitheater will host the main stage.

“My house shook”

Speaking at a hearing of the city council’s licensing sub-committee on Thursday, Ms Wilson said extending the Harbor Festival license could lead to “a massive 10,000-strong tailgate”.

“Having five days straight, 11 hours a day, in Queen’s Square in perpetuity is very different to the Harbor Festival we’re used to, which is family-friendly, two days and from 11am to 6pm, when the kids go to bed.”

She added that her house has “shaken with loud music” in the past and the DJ didn’t turn her down even though he was asked.

Proud Events’ Harry Feigen acknowledged the concerns and said the company plans to create a “family-friendly space.”

He added that the terms of the license had been agreed with the police and noise pollution and safety advisory groups.

Although the festival only lasts three days, the company has applied for a five-day license to give them “flexibility” if the event runs longer, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

“This is all council land and the event is co-funded by the council.

“It’s not a private event, so if they don’t like what we’re doing, it’s very easy for them to stop funding,” Feigen said.

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