Medicinal cannabis eases Nottingham grandfather’s excruciating pain – now he can raise his grandchildren

A grandfather has told how medicinal cannabis allows him to lead a normal life and cope with his severe arthritis and fibromyalgia. Peter Arquhard, from Nottingham, has been a landscaper in road construction and gardening for most of his life, but has been left unable to work due to his medical condition, which includes severe arthritis in both hands and arms.

Because of this, Mr. Arquhard experiences a lot of pain, stress and anxiety due to not being able to do the things he used to do. He spoke to his GP about treatment but said it made his symptoms worse and he felt his “life was controlled by pain”.

The 60-year-old said: “I was offered physiotherapy and painkillers from my GP but I just found it made the pain worse and the side effects of the tablets were unbearable. Recently, I had a serious crisis. of sciatica, I couldn’t even walk.

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“I went to hospital and was given extremely strong painkillers which took half a day to kick in. I was sent home on the same medication for a week, and after two days, I didn’t feel like I knew myself. The pain really affected me mentally.”

However, thanks to medicinal cannabis, Mr Arquhard can do more normal activities such as opening a door handle or having a cup of tea without excruciating pain. The 60-year-old uses the drug daily and has a prescription tailored to his specific needs from Alternaleaf, which is a private clinic.

Mr Arquhard added: “I have a dayflower and a nightflower that I vape daily, the nightflower is weaker than the dayflower. Cannabis medicine plays a massive role in my pain management.

Peter Arquhard suffers from severe arthritis in both hands and arms as well as fibromyalgia(Image: Alternaleaf)

“I think the pain starts in my mind and I’ve found that cannabis is the best option for me to try to control it and reduce its effect on my everyday life. It is the best option for me mentally and physically. My life was controlled. of pain, but after connecting with Alternaleaf, I started to manage the pain much better, giving me the opportunity to enjoy interacting with my grandchildren, some of whom I haven’t picked up and hugged since at birth because of my illnesses.”

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