No primaries open in HD 14, as writing files opposite Kim Daniels

Only Democrats will vote in the August House District 14 primary as a nominee Brianna Hughes qualified for the November election, ending the primary with three Democrats.

Hughes was not available for comment as of this posting when we reached out to her about her campaign strategy and reasons for running as a write-in candidate.

It remains to be seen how the closure of the primaries will affect the upcoming elections.

Representative. Kim Daniels, the incumbent, seems to be elected for a fourth term in Parliament. She was elected in 2016 and 2018 before losing the 2020 primary to incumbent Rep. Angie Nixon. She was then elected in HD 14 after redistribution, winning a primary in four with 44% of the vote in 2022 and unopposed in November.

Daniels, an evangelist, ended May with $9,600 in hard-earned cash, with another $10,000 in personal loans for her campaign. She raised $2,000 in April and May, with Willard Payne and his company each writing checks for $1,000.

Two opponents await Daniels in August.

Lloyd Caulker, which opened a campaign account in April, has yet to report fundraising. But he has already qualified for the August vote. He is a native of Sierra Leone who says God compelled him to run against the Democratic minister who has held the seat since the 2022 redistricting.

Therese Wakefield-Gamble Meanwhile, she just entered the race last week, so we’ll get hints about her financial backing in a future report.

Wakefield-Gamble credits a “life-changing experience” with her entry into the political sphere.

“For 12 years, I lived with an undiagnosed, unruptured brain aneurysm,” she said.

“The doctors didn’t tell me about it and I found out about it in October 2022 and last year I had to have three brain surgeries in 120 days and I didn’t have a stroke or a heart attack. So I am deeply and truly blessed to be alive. And that lets me know that I have, I still have a purpose in this world to do.”

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