Crowds gather in Leicester for ‘Emergency Stop Rafah Bombing’ protest.

Crowds gathered in Leicester city center to protest the bombing of Rafah in Palestine, which began this week. Hundreds of people took part in the demonstration “Emergency stop the bombing of Rafah”. Attendees included Councilor Zuffah Haq, who represents the Evington ward on the city council.

Protests took place simultaneously across the country at 6pm on Tuesday (May 7) in Leicester, London, Manchester and Blackburn, among other cities. The protests came after the Israeli military began shelling Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah in what it called a “limited” operation to eliminate Hamas fighters.

The area had become a haven for more than a million displaced Palestinian civilians after they were told to move south from northern Gaza on Monday (6 May). Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza three weeks after Hamas killed around 1,200 people in attacks on Saturday, October 7 last year.

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The BBC reports that more than 34,000 Palestinians have been killed since the war began. Tens of thousands are said to have been injured.

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Protesters at Leicester Clock Tower

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The demonstrators called for a ceasefire

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Councilor Zuffah Haq spoke at the protest

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Protesters called for a “free Palestine”

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