Dog attack on horse in Sandwell leaves girl ‘traumatised’ and family with over £1,000 vet bill

Richard Swallow’s daughter Sophie was riding her sister’s horse in a field behind the family home when a gray dog, believed to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, ran at the horse, which had the 10-year-old in back. , and attacked.

Sophie with her horse, who bandaged her

The incident on Bank Holiday Sunday left Talia on the horse with “flesh hanging” from either side of her belly and a bloody nose and chest.

Richard says he’s grateful to “have another daughter.”

The 41-year-old said: “I was talking to the neighbors who were holding my two-year-old when I heard what had happened. I had to hand my son over to the neighbor and run down the path to try and find the dog. walking frame.

“Sophie had managed to get Talia into the garden safely – we’re lucky we have a gate at the bottom of it that leads to a field in the Sandwell Valley.

“My first thought was to check on Sophie and luckily she wasn’t bitten but she was hysterical. Then I looked at Talia, she had two deep gashes on her stomach, flesh hanging off her sides, bleeding from her nose and mouth. “

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