The nursery nurse’s cruel abuse of her three-year-old son she did not want revealed

A cruel mother who worked as a nurse for 10 years beat and neglected her own child, who she said she never wanted to give birth to. Before the baby was born, Madihah Ahmed threatened to look online for ways to end the pregnancy and repeatedly told her husband she didn’t want to have the baby.

Leicester Crown Court heard on Friday that Ahmed, now 29, became even more upset when she learned the unborn child – her second child – was a boy. She was lying on her stomach and running upstairs holding her older son, despite medical advice not to do so, the court heard.

Prosecutor Abigail Hill told the court: “Her response was that she didn’t care, that she wanted to ‘defeat the baby’ and that it was her body.”

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After her son was born in August 2018, Ahmed often failed to change the baby’s nappy or feed him, complaining to her husband that the baby was ugly, the court heard. Mrs Hill said: “The defendant refused to feed him and fed his other child in front of him.

“If he asked for food, she would get angry and throw food at him.”

The worst cruelty involved physical attacks on the boy, which began around his third birthday and continued for more than a year before her arrest. Ahmed’s husband reported his wife and when Leicestershire Police investigated, photographs were taken showing scratches on the boy’s face and on one occasion she had hit the child, causing a split lip.

Several incidents of cruelty were described during the court hearing.

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