Liverpool councilors’ pay will remain frozen for another year

Pay for Liverpool city councilors will remain frozen for the third year in a row.

From 2022, recommendations have been made to local authorities to increase salaries for elected members. An independent panel last year encouraged the 85 councilors to receive a 5% annual salary increase.

After being turned down, members are expected to approve a plan next week to keep their allowances at their current rate for a third straight year.

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An independent local authority panel recommended last year that Liverpool Council members should be given an increase in allowances, from £10,590 to £11,119. This was suggested in line with a pay rise for local authority officials.

As in 2022, when councilors rejected a 1.75% rise, the proposed pay rise was later rejected, with representatives requesting further information on the future of parking permits and whether they should be included in members’ allowances. It is not known if a decision has been made given the retirement of the independent committee chair and staff turnover.

Documents made available ahead of next week’s full council meeting confirmed there are no plans to make changes to the payment for the next council year.

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