Potholed street branded ‘Kirklees’ most dangerous’ as cars ‘weave in and out’

Residents have branded a Longwood street “one of the most dangerous” in Kirklees and are calling on the council to act before it’s too late.

Gilead Road is the main road through Longwood, linking the village with areas such as Paddock and back to the M62 junction at Outlane.

The road is said to be a problem area due to its uneven surface and potholes, leaving some to fear there could be an accident. The road taken previously Yorkshire Live’s list of Kirklees’ worst roads for potholes chosen by readers last year.

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One resident said: “It’s not just a pit, it’s the whole road. What’s happening now is cars are going up and on the other side of the road, weaving in and out of potholes. It will be an accident. .

“We’re stuck. There’s one way in and one way out. For the sake of the car’s tires and suspension, I’m taking the long way and it adds about 10 minutes. I’ve driven a lot and it’s really bad. . It’s one of the most dangerous.”

A particularly troublesome area is a patch of road between the Dusty Miller pub and Dodlee Road. The road surface is worn and uneven with some large potholes.

Pits between Dusty Miller pub and Dodlee Lane(Image: Abigail Marlow)

They continued: “Being the main road out of Longwood, it’s awful to negotiate, forcing some people to avoid it and drive the long way. The surface quickly becomes undriveable, with large potholes destroying people’s tires and suspensions.

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