Women’s Toaster Cleaning Hack Using Simple Tool Hailed as ‘Genius’

A toaster cleaning hack has been hailed as ‘genius’ and has left social media users in awe of its effectiveness. With busy schedules, many people struggle to find time for home maintenance and daily chores.

A cluttered home can often seem overwhelming, not knowing where to start. It’s usually the simplest and most overlooked tasks that add up over time – like cleaning the toaster crumbs.

Luckily, a social media cleaning guru has shared a ‘genius’ tip to remove those lovely toast crumbs in seconds, leaving people amazed they didn’t think of it before. TikTok creator and lifestyle influencer @anna_louisa_at_home understands that life can be hectic, so when you have a few minutes to spare, you can do some simple, quick chores.

Anna, who regularly shares cleaning and home hacks on TikTok to her 1 million followers, has amassed an impressive 753.9k views and had a recent video focusing on cleaning tasks that take five minutes or less – with the toaster hack being a highlight. The tip, which commenters praised as “genius” and “more effective” than emptying the tray, involves using a simple hair tool to clean the crumbs from the toaster.

Anna shared a clever technique for cleaning toasters using a hair dryer that amazed social media users. The process involves gently directing air into the roaster’s vents, dislodging any debris and guiding it into the base pan, the Express reports.

Once the tray’s contents are emptied and cleaned, it can be reinserted, leaving you with a clean toaster.

This handy tip has impressed social media users. One user commented: “Omg why I never thought of the hairdryer”, while another called the guy a genius, stating: “Drying the crumbs off the toaster is genius!”.

Another curious person asked, “Why are you drying out your toaster?” The answer provided clarity, stating, “Let’s knock all the crumbs onto the trays that catch them. More efficient than emptying the trays”.

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