Martin Lewis issues OVO energy warning and says ‘suck it up’

Martin Lewis issued an OVO energy warning and said: “I’m blown away.” The BBC Sounds and ITV star spoke out on social media following customers who shared their horror stories of not getting money back when they claim credit repayments.

Twitter user/X said: “My energy supplier is OVO. I have a credit of £2,300 but I am told that this money helps the company to support people in arrears. Remember this is MY money, not theirs and I want it back!”

Martin warned: “I’m blown away by it. Something is wrong, unless you have an equally huge energy bill (eg £1,500+/month) which is way too much credit, I hope it’s just a misunderstanding. we suggest you take a meter reading and check that your bill has been updated.”

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Mr Lewis added: “Check that the direct debit is about right (calculation on my website). Call and politely ask them to justify why this credit amount. If he cannot claim back the excess credit”. In response, one fan said: “OVO are terrible. We would pay an invoice and owe them the same 2 weeks later.

“The bills have doubled. Moved in @OctopusEnergy last year and no complaints (so far!). Billing is simple and adjusts your DD when needed.” Another said: “Left OVO when I had great credit and they wanted to increase my DD again.”

Another fumed: “They have similar credit.. 1397. Took 6 months to reduce DD despite numerous requests. Asked for money back and was told “but the bills show you’ll be using it in the summer” (pool heater)..really maybe so but charge me for what I use when I have”

Another fumed: “It’s not the first story I’ve heard like this. “Customers” have been on the hook for months when trying to get their money from a supplier. Ofgem are worse than useless as a company that obfuscates, promises, drags its feet. etc. etc. Good luck solving the problem.”

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