Health expert lists eight habits that ‘could add 24 years to your life’

Chronic diseases are a leading cause of death worldwide and they are often influenced by lifestyle and genetics. Fortunately, we have the power to change our habits.

Richard Smith-Bernal, founder of The Juice Smith, has listed eight practices that can significantly extend your lifespan. He revealed that achieving a long and healthy life might be simpler than you previously believed.

What are the eight habits?

A study from the American Society of Nutrition released last year highlighted the habits that dramatically correlated with longevity. Adopting the following eight habits from the day you turn forty can increase your lifespan by 24 years for men and 21 years for women:

  1. Not abusing opioids

  2. Not smoking tobacco (including vaping)

  3. No alcoholism or regular binge drinking

  4. Managing stress

  5. Having positive social relationships

  6. Eating a healthy diet

  7. Sleeping well

  8. Getting regular physical exercise

Some may seem obvious, but many of these items are life-long habits that can be hard to develop and stick to. So, how do you start to actually implement them? Richard breaks down ways to start a positive relationship with healthy habits.


Maintaining a healthy diet is about finding balance. Instead of focusing on restriction, shift your mindset towards adding more nutritious foods. Start by incorporating an additional vegetable into your daily meals this week. Then, gradually introduce a new type of seed or nut the following week. After that, incorporate another superfood fruit into your diet.

“Remember, it’s okay to indulge occasionally, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up,” said Richard. “The key is to strive for balance and consistency in your eating habits.”


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