Lost Victorian shop that sold ‘all sorts of oddities’ in Liverpool

It’s been 15 years since a Victorian-era shop that sold “all sorts of oddities” in the town closed its doors for the last time.

For over a century, the Tutill-Nicol stationery store has been a familiar sight on Richmond Street in Liverpool city centre. Hailing from a time of quill pens, sealing wax and huge ledgers in Victorian Liverpool, it welcomed generations of customers through its doors.

It was formed from the merger of two independent retailers, Tutill and Nicol, who competed against each other on the same street before deciding to join forces. Over the years, many will remember picking up rare stationery items that could no longer be found in other stores, or heading there for school supplies.



In August 1981, the Liverpool Daily Post reported how the shop had undergone refurbishment but retained its “old world feel”. The article says: “Nests of shelves climb the walls; closets and small and neat spaces are tight and tidy with each other.

“You get the feeling that Charles Dickens would have happily stocked up here. It’s a super little shop; probably the busiest stationers of its kind in the city centre. There’s certainly no other like it.”

Inside the shop Tutill and Nicol, 2009(Image: Trinity Mirror Copyright/Reach Content Archive)

By the 1990s the site had seen more changes as it joined forces with another well-known Liverpool stationery name to trade from the same historic building. Jordan Woodrows, stationery and legal supply specialists, was based in Victoria Street but has moved because the lease on its building has expired.

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