Plans are being put in place to make a dangerous junction in Newquay safer

PLANS are being put in place to make a dangerous Newquay junction safer.

Cornwall Council will be installing more measures at the Trenceek junction on June 2 and 3 following several traffic accidents and concerns raised by residents over a number of years.

Motorists traveling from the Lane Theater direction will only be allowed to turn left and traffic exiting Trencreek will be required to turn left once the improvement scheme has been completed.

Plans for crossroads ( )

Cornwall Council plans to ask the Secretary of State for Transport to close vehicular access to the level crossing at Trencreek and Chapel as soon as the Newquay Strategic Route opens, which is scheduled for early 2025.

Cornwall Council, in correspondence with Colan Cornwall councilor John Fitter, said: “There has been considerable movement on the project and we are now looking to commission the build and set the date.

“Cormac produced the initial designs in February and put them through a verification process and a road safety audit.

“Following the review, they produced three updated designs, one relatively light touch and two of a more permanent nature.

“Given that we want the scheme to be delivered as soon as possible and that we do not know whether the situation at the junction may change with the opening of the strategic Newquay route, likely in early 2025, and the closure of the Trencreek level crossing in March/April 2025. , the light touch approach may be the best way to go.

“The design solution uses hashed and bolted lane dividers, fitted with reflective bollards to separate traffic lanes. At each end of the lane dividers there is a bolted island with a lit ‘keep left’ bollard.

“Cycle securing allows right turns through the use of holding areas and gaps in bolted bollards. Vehicle tracking for articulated trucks making left turns is shown in the drawing.

“The advantage of this design is that it has a low impact approach and will require the least amount of construction work with little traffic management and therefore cost.

“It would also be easier to remove if circumstances changed at the intersection.”

Cllr Fitter said: “I am delighted with these new arrangements and acted after receiving various requests from residents who were very concerned about the increased risks of accidents from vehicle users attempting to exit the lane junction and turn right across the line of traffic.

“The danger has worsened over the years with the number of collisions not requiring hospital treatment, but the fear is that as the road becomes more congested, the possibility of a more serious accident will increase.

“The people I’ve talked to about the safety plans think they’re a good idea.”

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