Friends of Brockwell Park express their views on the tree felling

Early this week, Lambeth Council announced its plans to immediately remove 44 trees in Brockwell Park.

After an outcry by campaigners, they issued a statement explaining that some trees would now be spared until the bird nesting season ends.

The Friends of Brockwell Park (FOBP) have now published their response to events:

Some 44 trees in Brockwell Park are due to be felled or substantially reduced. Each has a notice about the works. Lambeth chose to initiate this process without any consultation or proper advanced notice.

The Friends of Brockwell Park (FOBP) has two experienced tree volunteers who guide the committee on tree policy. FOBP believes Lambeth’s Tree Team has made correct decisions about the necessary work.

Normally, such works are banned during the bird nesting season. It is unclear why Lambeth has chosen to ignore this requirement or whether it will be breaking the law.

Normally, a program like this would be implemented over a number of months.

Lambeth is accelerating the works because more than 30,000 people a day are expected at this summer’s major events. The FOBP has always opposed large events in the park and especially those taking place behind high fencing.

These events damage the park and restrict access to local people and children, many of whom depend on Brockwell Park for its open green space.

On balance, the decisions about the scope of works to each affected tree appear to be sound.

However, the timing is unfortunate. Lambeth has created alarm and significant concern by its lack of consultation and lack of advance communication.

Some local people say every tree should be ‘saved’. It is always sad to see trees felled, but it is sometimes necessary.

We believe the park needs a mixture of healthy growing trees and those left to provide wildlife habitats.

The FOBP has run a donor tree planting program in Brockwell Park for decades, co-ordinating with the Council and its Tree Team. Last year, 24 new trees were donated and planted.

The same is planned for 2024. In this way, the park is refreshed and rejuvenated and the loss of old or diseased trees is mitigated.

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