Coronation Street fans are ‘obsessed’ as they predict the character’s downfall

Corrie fans have said they are ‘obsessed’ with a new storyline as they predict the downfall of a long-term Weatherfield resident.

Monday’s episode saw Gary Windass get close to his ex Sarah Platt. Gary watched with concern as Sarah poured the wine back into the Rover and when Gary saw Sarah go get another bottle before heading home, he followed.

Gary joined his ex for a drink and they started talking. While this was happening, Gary’s stepson Liam Connor took some pills and ended up in hospital.

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Maria Connor rushed to be with her son and when she returned home she noticed Gary and Sarah acting suspiciously. He later caught them together on CCTV in her flat.

Maria watched as Sarah apologized to Gary for “trying to kiss him” and the two hugged before agreeing to keep their distance. And at the exit of the block, Maria was waiting for them, with the CCTV on the phone in front of them.

Sarah tried to explain herself, but Maria told her to get lost, before kicking Gary out. The fans at home reacted quickly to the scenes. On X, ex-Twitter, Sal said: “Old Maria is back and I’m already obsessed.”

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