The Vice Chancellor was escorted out after the pro-Palestinian protest disrupted the Sheffield Uni awards

Security immediately stopped the event

Protests over the Israel-Gaza conflict continued on the University of Sheffield campus as protesters disrupted a university awards ceremony.

Protesters at the University of Sheffield Education Awards, many of whom were fully masked, took to the stage carrying Palestinian flags and placards with slogans such as “Stop Genocide in Palestine” and “Justice for Palestine”.

The group reiterated calls for the University of Sheffield to “sever ties with the arms trade” and Israeli universities.

Spokespeople for the group said they were inspired by similar protests in the US and elsewhere.

A speaker said: “We ask that there be no retaliation. We ask that there be no disciplinary action against the students.”

The speaker continued: “Start being on the right side of history.”

The vice chancellor left the room.

As some staff members joined those on stage, the vice-chancellor left the room and security told attendees that the event had been cancelled.

According to a University of Sheffield webpage, the University of Sheffield Education Awards “recognise and celebrate excellent practice in learning and teaching”.

After the cancellation of the event, the protesters left the hall, continuing to chant.

It comes just after a camp-out outside Sheffield’s Union of Students marked a week of ongoing protests.

The University of Sheffield has been contacted for comment.

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