Camborne’s publicans are fed up after months of violence and drug problems

A couple who took over the helm of a pub by accident when they ended up living above it amid the housing crisis say goodbye to the life they’ve led for the past two years – which hasn’t been without its challenges.

Andy and Bobbie Lord, whose youngest child Robin was born right next to the pool table in 2023, broke the news that their “crazy ride” was coming to an end last month. That journey began when the expectant couple and their three children struggled to find a place to rent as early as 2022.

With few other options, the soon-to-be family of six accepted the offer to move into the flat above The Waggoner’s Arms in Camborne. They soon started working shifts behind the bar and soon took over the running of the place from the previous owners, but have since faced the ups and downs – including assaults and drug problems plaguing the pub.

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I didn’t think much of it at the time. I never realized it would lead to us running the pub at the time,” they said of the move at the time. “We were hoping to find more suitable family accommodation away from the pub and accepted that once Bobbie she gave birth and when the Landlord, who handed in her notice at the time, left, then we would leave too and be faced with emergency housing if we had to.

“Our little boy Robin was born in a birthing pool in the pub in January 2023, which we will never forget and is the best thing about our time here. There was a lot of talk about us taking over the pub.”

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