Flying tip debris clogs Birmingham business premises

image caption, The pile of tree branches was dumped on Plume Street in Aston, Birmingham

  • Author, Richard Price
  • Role, BBC News, West Midlands

A business owner had access to his premises blocked by a pile of fly-tipped waste.

John Kemp, owner of haulage firm JH Kemp Ltd, operates from a base on Plume Street in Aston, Birmingham.

He said he returned to work after the holiday to find a pile of branches and leaves outside his business and complained that Birmingham City Council had not yet removed it, despite being reported.

Birmingham City Council said the people who dumped the waste were environmental criminals, adding that it was investigating the incidents and taking enforcement action.

Mr Kemp said he reviewed CCTV from the site and saw a lorry dumping the waste on Saturday.

“I’ve called the council, it’s still there and will probably be there by the end of the week,” he said.

He added that he had not received any further information from the council as to when the dumped material would be removed.

Mr Kemp said he had to ask staff to start early or finish late to work at times when there was less traffic on the road as the gridlock made access to the yard difficult.

“Realistically, it takes more time to do what we need to do,” he said, adding that he incurs additional costs for staff time as a result.

Majid Mahmood, cabinet member for the environment, said the responsibility for the problem lies with the culprits who dumped the waste.

“Those who litter on public or private land are simply environmental criminals who expect others in our city to foot the bill for the disposal of trash and unwanted items,” he said.

“There is no excuse for this anti-social behaviour, which shows no regard for the surroundings in which we all have to live and work – there are many legitimate ways to get rid of waste, including our domestic recycling centers which have sufficient capacity. .”

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