Who’s Coming, Who’s Going: The Latest Property Sales in Enfield

ENFIELD, CT — The following real estate transfers were recorded in the Enfield City Clerk’s office through May 3, 2024. Click on the listings for complete property records and photos when available. Transactions that did not disclose an actual sale price are not included.


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111 Wynwood Drive – $220,000
Buyer: Constance Allen
Seller: Suzanne Urena

15 Francis Avenue – $278,000
Buyer: Meghan Blanchette
Seller: Melissa Pereira

187 Brainard Road – $266,000
Buyers: Ashly Perez and Ernesto Sanchez
Seller: Ashley Bozzuto

39 Stardust Drive – $380,000
Buyers: Ingo and Edyta Schranz
Seller: The Estate of Alice Malyszko

27 Bess Road – $270,000
Buyer: Cassidy Sweeney
Seller(s): Monty and Krystal Pruden

18 Pinecrest Road – $470,000
Buyer: Steven Squillace
Seller(s): Kurt and Linda Stephens

Rosanne street no. 15 – $265,000
Buyer: Brian Hundt
Seller: Estate of Sandra Archambault

12 Wood Drive – $315,000
Buyer: John Reusch III
Seller: Property of Michael Bullock

5 South George Washington Road – $367,000
Buyer: Babatunde Olatinwo
Seller(s): Erwin and Karen Enderle

Boulevard Roosevelt no. 15 – $281,000
Buyer: Danielle Marcoullier
Seller(s): Richard Parrow Jr. and Donna Housand

11 Powder Ridge Road – $309,000
Buyer: Justin Tisdell
Seller: Roberto Marquez

35 Maple Avenue – $159,000
Buyer: Angela Cook
Seller: Estate of James Blair

31 Mathewson Avenue – $293,000
Buyer: Chella Harlow
Seller: Amelia Gibson

30 Kennedy Drive – $305,000
Buyers: Bandy Kizis and Chad Bagley
Seller: Roberta Flores

13 Christopher Drive – $380,000
Buyers: Bunthy and Mailee Yath
Seller: Raymond Ogums

33 Moody Road – $199,900
Buyer: Volts Investment Group LLC
Seller: James Patterson

7 Carney Road – $285,100
Buyer: Darryen Gripes
Seller: Victor Martinez

30 Flag Court – $195,000
Buyer: Pro Mario Company LLC
Seller: Property of Louise Tucker


66 Enfield Street – $1,241,600
Buyer: Two Wheeler Holdings LLC
Seller: 66 Enfield Street LLC

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