Inside a £1m Ladywood cannabis plant destroyed after tip-off

Police have busted a £1m cannabis factory in Birmingham. More than 2,000 plants in an industrial unit were seized today, Wednesday, May 8.

Officers from Ladywood West neighborhood teams were supported by drone, dog and operational support unit personnel at a Ladywood headquarters. Growing equipment was discovered inside after the 7.45am raid, which was organized following a tip-off.

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The plants were to be forensically checked before they were destroyed and the equipment dismantled. Police said cannabis farms are very dangerous places and pose a serious fire risk.

Police said more than 2,000 plants, worth £1 million, were discovered at a premises in Ladywood.(Image: WMP)

Taking to X, ex Twitter, Jewelery Quarter Police posted: “@JQuarterWMP @LadywoodWMP @SohoRoadWMP @WinsonGreenWMP. NH officers at Ladywood West executed an intelligence-led operation today with the support of @OSU_WMP @WMPDogs and the drone team. Overrated cannabis. of £1 million has been seized #yousaidwedid”.

Sgt Richard Bastable, from the Jewelery Quarter neighborhood team, said: “Today the team carried out an intelligence-led operation which resulted in the recovery of a large quantity of plants, significantly disrupting crime in Birmingham.

“Community information helps us disrupt this type of crime. If you have information about crime in your area, please get in touch. We will always act on credible information. The message is clear, if you come to this area with the intention of carrying out criminal activities, we will stop you. Protecting our communities is always at the heart of what we do, and we simply will not tolerate it.”

The plants won’t end up as street deals, the profits won’t go on to fund other crimes, and they won’t destroy lives or pollute our communities. If you have concerns about a location, take a look at the police website at

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