Students on the brink of Huddersfield University exit over course cuts and job losses

Students at Huddersfield University are said to be considering leaving following the recent news of job cuts and courses being axed.

A group of second year students at Huddersfield University have shared their fears for the future in an open letter to the vice-chancellor Professor Bob Cryan following the announcement of 198 job losses.

The letter has been sent by a number of second year students of geography and environmental and analytical science. It has been reported that at least 12 courses are expected to be cut, among them geography, sociology, and maths.

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The open letter says: “We strongly oppose the planned closure of our courses and the compulsory redundancies, and treatment, of our lecturers. We also stand with other courses, staff and students that are affected by these changes. We are disappointed at the lack of communication and consultation with students regarding the changes being made to our courses.”

The students said that some people found out about proposals in the news, causing students a “great deal of anxiety and stress.”

They described the loss of lecturers from their degree course as ‘highly distressing’. “It is a great shame to lose out on the knowledge, guidance, and support of our lecturers, which we have been incredibly grateful for over the past two years,” the letter added.

“Some students were hoping to work on final year research projects that align with their specialized expertise, but will no longer have this opportunity, since they are being forced to take their skills elsewhere.

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