Newly elected Councilor Green trades Range Rover for all-electric Porsche

One of Bristol’s newly elected Green Party councilors has come under fire for driving a Range Rover. But Cllr Abdul Malik said he sold the car before the recent local election campaign and has since invested in an all-electric Porsche Taycan.

Cllr Malik was voted in as a councilor in the Bristol City Council election on May 2 and now represents Ashley Ward along with two other Green councillors. Turnout was 43% and Cllr Malik received a total of 3,691 votes.

But the newly elected councilor has faced some criticism for owning a Range Rover, especially as he lives in Easton, very close to the center of Bristol. However, Cllr Malik said he has now sold the vehicle – although it took him three years to do so because “nobody wanted to buy it”.

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Speaking to Bristol Live, he said: “I understand it’s a big car, it’s a combustion engine, it’s diesel, it takes up a lot of space. We got a strange message and I get it, but at the end of the day, we can’t be judged by the cars we drive.

“I had ordered an electric car in 2022, I am very happy, now I have a Porsche Taycun which is fully electric. I installed an electric point, I have the only electric point on the whole road.

“The Range Rover is gone but it was in Auto Trader for three years believe it or not and nobody wanted to buy it. Nationwide, they are being broken into and stolen.

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