Helston Flora Day 2024 live updates

7 am: The Morning Dance leaves the Guildhall at the first bell of 7am and the first big drum of the first Helston Town Band. Traditionally this was the dance for town servants and the men wear a shirt and tie while the women are in summer dresses.

8.30 am: the Hal-an-Tow procession ascends from St John’s towards the city centre. Whistling and honking and beating drums, the extravagantly dressed parade performs its short theatrical performances at various points around the city.

9:50 a.m: Hundreds of white-clad schoolchildren from the city’s three primary schools and college dance in the streets in the Children’s Dance.

Noon: The Midday Dance leaves the Guildhall at 12 noon. The gentlemen are in top hats and tails, while the ladies are in fabulous dresses. They parade around the town before entering Lismore Gardens in Cross Street for a break at around 1pm. Then finish dancing in Coinagehall Street around 2pm.

17.00: The morning dancers return to complete the evening dance, once again from the Guildhall.

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