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Liverpool’s net spend under owners FSG has always been scrutinized in comparison to our rivals and the stats show just how impressive Jurgen Klopp has been at Anfield.

Working on a budget was nothing new for Klopp when he arrived in 2015 and he has consistently acknowledged over the years that Liverpool cannot perform like the rest of the top flight.

“We can’t spend money we don’t have. We can’t, the others can, but we can’t,” Klopp said in 2021.

However, despite the limitations, Liverpool have been quite successful under the German and, as we noted recently, you would only need to change four results to see two major trophies turned into six.

The margin has been slim when it comes to silverware, but Sky Sports’ recent chart comparing net spend and trophies with the ‘big six’ paints an intriguing picture.

Since Klopp arrived in October 2015, Liverpool’s net spending stands at £346m, the lowest of the Big Six but with the second most major trophies (seven).

Man City, who face 115 breaches of Premier League financial regulations, have won 15 trophies in the same time but with a net spend of £630m.

Comparatively, Chelsea and Man United both sit in £1 billion club, but with six and four trophies respectively, while Arsenal won two with a slightly higher net spend than Liverpool (£702m).

There are a lot of nuances to these statistics, but they show the incredible job Klopp has done at Liverpool, operating in a self-sustaining structure while competing against a financially doped side.

2J3B8C8 Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp next to the 2020 Premier League Trophy. (PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo)2J3B8C8 Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp next to the 2020 Premier League Trophy. (PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

The squad Klopp inherited had to be rebuilt and he did so slowly but effectively, making his part greater than the sum of their parts before he could reinvest funds from sales into transfers.

In a different era, and as mentioned above, with four different results, Liverpool’s trophy haul might look a lot different to what it does, but few other managers could have propelled the club to the heights that Klopp has .

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