The Wiltshire Hotel no longer houses asylum seekers

image caption, The hotel is located on the outskirts of Royal Wootton Bassett

  • Author, Jessica Moriarty
  • Role, Local Democracy Reporting Service

A hotel in Wiltshire is no longer being used to provide accommodation for asylum seekers, the Home Office has confirmed.

For more than a year, 58 rooms at the Wiltshire Hotel in Royal Wootton Bassett have been used as emergency accommodation for migrants arriving via the English Channel.

The decision was controversial among local residents who expressed concern after additional fencing was installed around the site.

North Wiltshire MP James Gray, who campaigned against the hotel being used in this way, said he was “delighted” to hear the news.

“Far From Civilization”

He described the hotel as “far from civilization” and spoke of their boredom.

“We need something to do, like, say, study some English classes,” Mr. Khalifa said.

“We sit in the room all day doing nothing.”

image caption, Mr Gray said Wiltshire was “basically the wrong place to house asylum seekers”.

In January, it was reported that the hotel would return to hosting paying guests in April of this year.

“Since it was first introduced for use, we have campaigned against it,” Mr Gray said.

“Wiltshire was fundamentally the wrong place to house asylum seekers and I am delighted that the Home Office has now listened to my submissions and secured its closure.

“I know the local community will welcome this news and, like them, I look forward to seeing the hotel back into proper use.”

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