A man dies after falling from Mount Snowdonia while hiking with two brothers

A man has died after falling from a mountain in Wales while walking with his two brothers. The incident happened on Tryfan, located in Snowdonia National Park, when the man slipped and fell from the Y-Gully section of the 3,000m mountain on bank holiday.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue reported that his brothers immediately called 999 for help. Both rescue volunteers and a coast guard helicopter were sent to the scene.

A spokesman for the service said: “A group of three brothers had climbed the north ridge of Tryfan.”

“During their descent, they wandered too far west and ended up in the Y-Gully area. The older brother slipped and fell down the gully some distance away, sustaining significant injuries.”

“His two brothers were unable to get the so-called 999 down and called for assistance. Several hill teams were dispatched and the (coastguard helicopter) was tasked to assist in the search,” the Mirror reports.

“The shooters were located and were able to help direct crew members to the scene of the accident, however it was apparent that he did not survive his injuries. The victim was taken out on a stretcher and the two brothers were tied to safe ground and then walked to the road where they were met by the (Welsh Ambulance Service).”

“The team’s thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.”

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