Major masterplan unveiled for Birmingham property

Birmingham City Council has unveiled an ambitious masterplan proposal for the regeneration of Druids Heath to the community.

It was created after two years of working with the community to shape the redevelopment of the estate over the next 20 years.

The tower blocks next to 1,800 homes would make way for 3,000 family homes, apartments and green retirement homes.

New shops and flexible workspaces would be added along the high street, a community center would be developed and the existing general practice would be expanded. The plans also include sports fields and a pavilion, as well as a greenway loop around the property for walking and cycling.

A wide-ranging consultation on the plans will begin in the coming months, before plans are sought for approval next year. The first phases are likely to be completed within five years once plans are submitted and approved.

Since Druids Heath was built by the council in the 1960s, most of it has been left as it is and is the only large council estate in Birmingham that has not received any major regeneration investment.

In its presentation at the launch event at Manningford Hall, the council admitted that “many of the Council’s properties on the estate do not meet legal standards and are not considered financially viable for investment”.

Cllr Jayne Francis, cabinet member for housing and homelessness, said the council understood residents’ concerns about the out-of-zone price and would look at different financial models to enable residents to stay in the property. She said it was “very important to the council that everyone who wants to stay in Druids Heath can do so.

“The regeneration of an area is always a long process. Because of this, the council will be strengthening services for tenants on the property by installing more CCTV, implementing a specific repair service for Druids Heath and increasing the provision of cleaning to combat fly tipping.”

Cllr Francis said: “The masterplan marks the start of a new chapter for the regeneration of Druids Heath. This new plan shows how Druids Heath will be transformed into a healthier and more sustainable area, building on its key points – community spirit and an abundance of green space.

“This regeneration scheme will build the kinds of homes we need to tackle climate change, reduce fuel bills and contribute to the city’s net zero ambitions. It will also bring much-needed supplies to senior residents so they can live healthy and independent lives for longer. New greenways will be built to better connect property within the community and property to the surrounding city.

“The scheme goes beyond delivering new homes; regeneration will create a sustainable and healthy community that will enable everyone who lives there to thrive.

“While the masterplan is a big step forward for the scheme, there is much more work to be done and there will be more decisions to be made with the local community about the scheme. With this in mind, an independent steering group representing residents, stakeholders and businesses is being established to help influence future regeneration decisions.”

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