Ireland’s ‘horror movie’ Eurovision song leaves people ‘terrified’

Eurovision viewers were left with “goosebumps” after watching the Irish film “perfectly artistic horror”. Singer Bambie Thug have secured a place in Saturday’s (May 11) grand final thanks to their jaw-dropping performance in Tuesday’s semi-final.

The performance sees the 31-year-old Cork-born singer sing Doomsday Blue while dressed as a “gremlin goblin witch”. And now, Bambie Thug’s electro-metal anthem is among the favorites to win.

Ireland’s participation in 2024 marks the first time since 2018 that the country has qualified for the competition’s grand final. Ireland has not won since 1996 with Eimear Quinn’s The Voice.

The content of Bambie Thug’s Eurovision song was described by many as “catchy”, “artistically perfect” and “terrifying” all at the same time. Within 24 hours, a video of the performance on YouTube went viral, already gaining almost a million views.

In the comments section, Komocity269 stated: “When Eurovision has better horror than Netflix.” A second admitted: “When I say my jaw was on the floor…” A third confessed: “It peed my pants but it was totally worth it.”

ThanasisKiouseloglou wrote: “It’s like a horror movie was filmed live right before our eyes! Incredible!” Celtico09 stated: “I can say that this is shaping up to be one of the most artistic and memorable performances in Eurovision history.”

Sarantis1995 wrote: “The dark horse of this year’s contest for sure.” Maniakaga joked, “The psychologist won’t believe me.” Helreir joked, “It’s okay if my cards start flying when this song comes on.”

Who is the UK’s Eurovision 2024 entry?

Years & Years frontman and multi-award winning pop singer Olly Alexander will fly the UK flag. He will represent the country with his song “Dizzy”.

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