Southend library fire when ‘toilet roll caught fire and was thrown through broken window’

FIREFIGHTERS tackled a fire at a Southend library after “a toilet roll was ignited and thrown through a broken window”.

Essex firefighters say they were called to a library in Lifstan Way, Southend, to reports of a fire at around 9.19pm last night.

Services say patrons of a nearby pub first noticed flames in the library and called 999.

While waiting for crews to arrive, they filled large containers with water and poured it through a broken window in the building.

Upon arrival, firefighters quickly extinguished the last remnants of the fire, ventilated the building and made sure it was safe.

Although Essex Fire has yet to name the library, it is understood to be Southchurch Library, in Lifstan Way.

Essex Fire believe someone may have smashed a window before lighting a toilet roll on fire and throwing it into the library.

Ben Manning, watch manager at Southend fire station, said: “It appears someone broke the window and lit a toilet roll, which then lit a bookshelf.

“Fortunately the fire did not spread further, but unfortunately the building was left with some water and smoke damage as well as broken glass.”

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