Coventry to be ‘hotter than Milan’ as UK enjoys ‘mini heatwave’

Coventry is set to see warmer temperatures than Italy as the UK enjoys a mini heatwave this month. Coventry could see highs of 21C in May, according to forecasters.

It may be hotter than places like Florence and Milan. Forecasters and forecasters at WX Charts, which uses Met Desk data, as well as Netweather TV, have predicted a “mini heatwave”.

From Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May, the UK will enjoy warm weather, with most parts of the country seeing temperatures above 15°C. According to the maps, London, Liverpool and Coventry could see highs of 21°C in May.

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The Met Office’s outlook for May 12 reads: “Sunday is likely to be the last very dry and fine day for a while, with warm sunshine for most, particularly in parts of the south and east where temperatures similar to previous days, in around the mid-20s – warmer than average for the time of year.”

However, it warns that eastern coastal areas could be cloudier and cooler, with an onshore breeze removing the warmer temperatures. After Sunday, the weather is expected to become more changeable across the country, with more rain and showers expected, Birmingham Live reports.

Rainfall amounts could be above average in most areas. There is also the possibility of heavy rain at times, and any showers could become shear.

Temperatures are also expected to drop closer to average for May. The BBC backs up this forecast, warning that “wetter weather” could arrive next week.

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