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Knowing that there aren’t many mid-cylinder cruiser bikes on the market at an affordable price – even though there are many fans of this type of machine – Royal Enfield rightly chose to launch a new model, equipped with a twin-cylinder engine. which has already been proven in the Interceptor and Continental GT.

The world’s oldest motorcycle brand (making motorcycles without interruption) reckons this is a true mid-cylinder (or custom) cruiser, where the air/oil-cooled parallel twin engine suits the model’s claims well. It’s a quality proposition, which Royal considers premium compared to anything they’ve produced in the past, and which still has a very attractive final price. And it’s called the Super Meteor because there has already been (and will continue to be) a Meteor in the range, although the bike on these pages is usually more stylish than the plain, single-cylinder city Meteor. with clear differences between pilots. and ergonomics. However, these names are nothing new at Royal Enfield, since in the 1950s we could already find Meteor and Super Meteor, with 700 cc engines that already offered interesting performances, albeit in a more naked format, in keeping with the times, and Less. custom than the current bike. Even so, at that time specific bicycles were produced for the USA, with much larger and stylized handlebars, in true American fashion. But let’s focus on the novelty.


Source: Royal Enfield

To make a “genuine” cruiser, Royal Enfield opted for traditional components: a teardrop-shaped tank, wide and curved handlebars, a low seat and a larger front wheel than the rear, in this case 19 inches in the front and 16. ” in the rear, both in light alloy The engine is a 648 cc parallel twin that produces 47 hp at 7,250 rpm and a peak torque of 52 Nm at 5,650 rpm, and the gearbox is a 6-speed box. An engine that, compared to the 650 naked bikes already known, has changes to the intake and exhaust for better performance. There are a few highlights of the bike: the tubular steel frame is new, developed in collaboration with Harris Performance in line with the model’s philosophy, and the front has a Showa SFF-BP inverted fork with 43mm and 120mm of travel. , which is the first time the brand has used an inverted drive on a production model. The suspension has been developed together with the Ceat seat and tires for the best possible performance and comfort.

At the rear, the twin Showa monoshock units have 81mm of travel and spring preload adjustment. The 150/80B-16 rear tire is also the widest in the range, and as for the brakes, Bybre units (a Brembo brand) are equipped with a disc on each axle and dual-channel Bosch ABS. The seat sits just 740mm off the ground, the tank holds 15.7 liters and the Super Meteor weighs 241kg in running order, which, let’s face it, feels a lot lower when you’re riding it. This model can be found in monochrome or two-tone versions, and in the latter case we can also opt for a Tourer version, i.e. equipped with Touring seat (monobloc), windshield and backrest for the passenger, all for an interesting look. and more attractive price than buying accessories separately. Speaking of these genuine Royal Enfield accessories, they are varied and can not only change the Super Meteor aesthetically but also provide comfort and versatility through various types of luggage. Even other types of rims are available, revealing the care that the Indian brand has in this important market segment.


Source: Royal Enfield

Intended to be an affordable bike for everyone to ride and buy, we still like to see good details like the analog-digital instrumentation with turn-by-turn navigation, LED headlights and taillights, new controls with aluminum finishes, the aforementioned . wide range of accessories and even a USB port behind one of the side panels.

With all these features, Royal Enfield aims to reach a wide range of users such as new riders with A2 licenses, women, traditional fans of the brand and even more experienced riders who want a simple bike for enjoyable rides.


Source: Royal Enfield

The meeting point was the beautiful representation of the brand in the city of Valencia, where I had a more detailed presentation of the model and could see the Tourer version, in my opinion less attractive from an aesthetic point of view (less purity of lines) but with the value its natural addition in terms of comfort and versatility. And our first impressions of Super Meteor were very positive, even before we started our first relationship. The model has good finishes, and if we compare it to the Interceptor and Continental GT (which were present in the shop) the evolution is remarkable in terms of controls, steering tables and various finishes. The bonnet design is very interesting and apart from a few simple plastics the Super Meteor is well built and has very pleasing lines in a more retro build (not least because of the air/oil cooling). engine) than the Japanese rivals Honda CMX500 Rebel and Kawasaki Vulcan S, although the people in charge at Royal Enfield don’t really consider them rivals… The sound of the exhaust is also very attractive, a kind of “thump” that fully matches its characteristics. model, equipped with a really smooth, linear and full engine, perfect for the city! Super “round”, with little vibration and a good gearbox, it really is a delight to ride this bike around town, even if we go with our feet forward as the cruiser segment “demands”. The position is nice, the handlebars are the right size, and ergonomically the Super Meteor can accommodate riders of different statures (and experience).


Source: Royal Enfield

The two-cylinder can also be driven in 6th gear at 60km/h, but it feels most at home in the middle gears, although we can’t check the revs on the pretty but overly simple instrumentation because it feels like it. it doesn’t even give us information about average consumption. On the open road the engine is still pleasant, but here we wouldn’t mind if it was a bit more powerful. And we feel that way, as the bike’s handling is another of the Super Meteor’s strong points, with the frame and suspension allowing for some cornering at good speeds without everything feeling unbalanced. And in slower corners, the ground clearance allows good slopes without any element touching the ground, which it does, but only when you push it a bit for photos. In terms of absorbing bumps, the suspension delivers too, with a good mix of comfort and performance that’s no less than the best cruisers, at least when you’re riding alone. In the fastest areas, we reached 150 km/h without running out of steam, trying to keep our boots on the landings…

The brakes also passed the test, with the rear strong and more responsive than the front, so I could feel the ABS coming into play. Up front, the deceleration power is plenty and don’t freak out, just squeeze the lever harder if needed. To put it on the center stand, you need to apply a little force. It’s a component you don’t usually see, but it’s handy, if only for servicing the drivetrain and rear wheel.

From a dynamic point of view, there is nothing wrong with Ceat “made in India” tires, so the Super Meteor passed this test with flying colors! Royal Enfield has always evolved the quality of its products, and it shows in this model, a very easy and pleasant bike to ride, excellent even in the city, but which will not fail to please the fans of riding with the front foot. And whether it is with the Tourer version or with the inclusion of various accessories, this bike will be able to do good roads, at a quiet pace from the start, but with the certainty that cycling allows a brisk pace. And there are decorations for all tastes, so for those who like it, it is best to visit the brand’s website or go to one of the beautiful Royal Enfield stores in various parts of the country.

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