Urgent one month warning to anyone who owns a cat

Cat owners are being warned to act sooner rather than later before a change in the law.

According to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), more than half (54%) of cat owners are unaware that cats must be microchipped in England by 10 June 2024. The new law, which only applies in England, will important for all cats over 20 weeks of age.

The UK Government’s update to the law will require felines to be microchipped and registered on a database, similar to the chip requirement for dogs. Anyone found not to comply with the new law, which comes into effect next month, could be fined hundreds of pounds.

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This new law will make it easier for lost or stray cats to be reunited with their owners and returned home safely. Many also hope this new law will help address common cat welfare issues such as abandonment.

Is microchipping mandatory?

Yes, all cat owners must ensure their cat is microchipped from 10 June 2024. This means you should have your cat microchipped before this deadline.

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