The BBC This Town star appears at Coventry Music Museum’s 2-Tone event

A well-known actor appeared as a special guest at an event celebrating 45 years of 2-Tone at Coventry Music Museum. Ben Rose starred in Steve Knight’s drama This Town, which is based on West Midlands music phenomenon 2-Tone.

In an interview with journalist and museum curator Pete Chambers BEM, Pete said: “Ben, who plays Bardon Quinn in the drama, was a delight and put many smiles on the faces of the audience and happily answered my questions together with those in the audience and finished. the next day, performing two gorgeous songs on acoustic guitar. The day before I was lucky enough to interview former Beat Manager John Mostyn, whose erudite tales captivated the crowd so much that I only scratched the surface of his long career, he will be back”.

The musical phenomenon we call 2-Tone continues to have huge resonance and legitimacy in these often troubling times. The history of this infectious sound that copies from Ska and steals from Punk has been well documented over time. Those of you reading this will no doubt be well acquainted with bands such as The Specials, The Selecter, Madness and The Beat.

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They all had a hand in changing our lives, taught us to dance (or at least try to), gave us a beat that was our own, and ever so gently worked their sociopolitical views on us to make us better people. The male skinhead hairstyle is no longer an option for us oldies, just a way of life now, but Walt Jabsco tattoos remain a totem for a sweet indulgence that was and always will be a life choice.

They may have faded over the years like the skin on those cherry red DMs, but we can all remember where and when they were first created and what the musical soundtrack was at the time.

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