Anger at state of litter-strewn Coventry park as readers claim ‘nobody gets bothered these days’

Readers have expressed their frustration at the state of a play area in Coventry Park which was left littered over the May Bank Holiday weekend. One said people should be “ashamed of themselves”, while another said he feared “it won’t be long before every road and street in Coventry” looks like Stoke Green Park.

A resident who contacted CoventryLive said he saw many families and children enjoying the sun and having a picnic, but when he visited the next morning, he was surprised to see piles of rubbish left. He said this led him to question “the values ​​that parents instill in their children”.

Tick-Tock Park has play equipment for all ages, including swings for children, high slides, play frames with tube slides, swings for children, a spinning plate, a spinning pole. The play area has been open since 2012 after the Big Lottery Fund secured a £56,000 grant to install the play equipment.

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CoventryLive readers said they were upset to learn of the litter in Stoke Green and Tick-Tock Park. Percy said: “If you see a full bin, take your rubbish home or look for another, it’s common sense, but that’s gone out the window. Take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming everyone else.”

Bernie S said: “Street cleaning in this city is a disgrace. The parks are rarely cleaned, the streets are never swept, and the sweepers only carry graffiti litter, a shame.

CovKid said: “Why are there so many people in Coventry who think it’s acceptable to do this? Why isn’t anyone challenging this behaviour? What a sad place this has become.”

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