Mother’s plea to help “cute” son who is “trapped” in the house

A mother has said her son’s life has been a “battle” since he was born.

Denise Hunter, 47, from Southport, admitted she struggled to bring up her four children, one with cerebral palsy, on her own while battling severe depression. Her children, Eleanor, 24, Sam, 17, Cameron, 16, and Benjamin, 8, were her reason to fight every day. But it wasn’t always easy.

Her third child, 16-year-old Cameron, was born with cerebral palsy following a “horrific birth”, which made life difficult for the family. The only relief he had was from a tricycle he bought Cameron when he was younger. Unfortunately, it has now outgrown it and mum is struggling to raise funds for a new one, meaning the family are ‘trapped’ in their home.

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Denise told the ECHO how life started to throw her challenges after Cameron was born. She said: “It was a horrible birth from the moment I went into labour. I didn’t have a cell phone, so my husband had to keep running to the phone box to call the hospital. I remember sitting in the bathroom while I was in labor, I eventually went to the hospital and was taken to a room.

“I told them (the doctors) that something was wrong. Then the next thing I knew there was a lot of pain, more than usual – I already had two children so I knew it wasn’t good – a flood of doctors came. and they said he was too far down the birth canal and would be put to sleep.

“He was born and there was nothing to tell when he was a baby (that he had cerebral palsy), I didn’t notice much. It’s just that he never fed since birth, we went to the doctors and they said that. It was a fever. This baby wouldn’t shut up, it was just crying and crying, it was depressing.”

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