BBC Race Across The World viewers ‘cry’ as brother tells brother about her rare condition

Race Across The World viewers were left in tears as a brother opened up about her health. Betty, 25, who appears on the show alongside her brother James, opened up about her condition during last night’s episode.

As the pair made their way through the Indonesian island of Sumatra, heading to the country’s capital, Jakarta, they took a moment to reflect on their journey so far. Betty said she wanted to be “resilient” and “brave” but felt her condition – Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKH) – left her in a “negative” mindset.

The 25-year-old explained to the camera that after her 16th birthday, she was diagnosed with MRKH. The condition left her without a uterus, uterus and kidneys.

She said: “I think as a young woman, you’re told you’re going to get married and have a family and… From a young age, when that’s taken away from you, it makes you doubt yourself. mind and doubts in your purpose as a person, I suppose.”

Returning to the conversation, younger brother James confessed that he forgets that Betty cannot have children naturally. Betty said: “Definitely, I think it made me develop a lot of negative attributes that I have.

“To overthink it, to want to feel in control because I felt like at 15 something was taken from me that I couldn’t control.” Speaking to the camera, James told viewers: “That’s hard to hear.

“It was the first time you know I’ve talked about it and I’ve heard it from Betty herself and it’s only now that I realize that, you know, how much it’s actually affecting her.”

Betty told her brother: “For nine years I’ve been so focused on what my body can’t do. He can carry this damn 20kg bag around the world.”

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