Channel 4 sends to name local council that ‘refuses’ to fix potholes deemed ‘too small’

A local council is one of six in the UK which only repairs potholes if they are 5cm or more deep. Warwickshire County Council is to be named in an episode of Channel 4’s Dispatchers tonight (May 23) following a nationwide investigation into the state of our roads.

Research by RAC and the Dispatchers team found that more than a third of local authorities will only fix a pothole if it is a certain depth. For most, they will repair potholes 4cm deep or more, but six councils said potholes must be 5cm – 2in – or more to be considered for repair.

These are: Warwickshire, Torbay, Thurrock, Nottingham, Torfaen and South Lanarkshire.

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Thirteen local authorities, including Buckinghamshire, Stockport and Devon, say only those at least 30cm (11.8in) wide and 4cm (1.6in) deep will be repaired.

Some 37% of councils say they take a “risk-based approach” to deciding which potholes to fix and how quickly to do so, while 29% do not specify any criteria online.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “We have long advised the public to report every pothole they come across to their local authority, not least because a council may refuse to compensate for the damage caused by hitting one if they can. to prove they didn’t know it existed.

“But unfortunately, as this review shows, just reporting a road fault doesn’t guarantee it will be fixed.

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