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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a bike that has been provided at a very low cost in the Indian market. Where other 650cc bikes start at Rs 5 lakh, this bike is available at around Rs 3 lakh. Here are 5 Royal Enfield Interceptor modifications that will improve your riding experience.

Aftermarket tires

The tires on the Royal Enfield Interceptor are quite thin. At the moment, the front is running a 100/90-18, and the rear is a 139/70/18. Earlier Royal Enfield offered Pirelli Phantom Sportcomps but now there are Ceat tires. For performance from a 650cc engine, the tires could be better. The Interceptor also provides a good base for modifications and can also fit sportier tires or go the other way and put more dirt and off-road/dual purpose tires if trail riding is going to be something you you will do.

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Handlebar lifter

The Interceptor has a tight riding position, which is good, but you find yourself leaning forward a bit and while sitting on the kickstands you’re bent over. Getting a handlebar lift kit can fix this. Not only will they increase comfort while riding on the trails, but they’ll also make the ride a little more relaxed on the highway. Just make sure you figure out the length of the cables and then get these handlebars.

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Foot pegs

The footpegs on the Interceptor seem to hit the shin as you move the bike with your feet. This problem can easily be solved by adding custom or even folding legs. If you get custom footpegs that are not movable then they could change the riding triangle. This is not advisable unless you want to have a sportier riding posture. Another direction you can take here is the addition of footpegs from the Royal Enfield Himalayan. They are larger and with serrated edges provide better off-road grip.

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LED headlight

The LED headlight is the most basic of the Royal Enfield modifications. The bike comes with a yellow halogen bulb as stock. It’s adequate for the city, but not very bright and not great for highway driving at night. Lots of plug and play units are available in the market, you can also get additional additional lights along with the stock light setup.

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Royal Enfield’s seat seems to get uncomfortable for long rides. It starts to get uncomfortable after an hour in the saddle. We suggest getting a custom seat for your Interceptor could be a good investment. You will get better support for your back and no injuries in the saddle will make your rides much more comfortable.

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These are the 5 changes to the Royal Enfield Interceptor that we think will improve your riding experience.

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