How to Be a CEO Podcast: What Charlie Mullins Did Next

Charlie Mullins is one of Britain’s best known and most successful businessmen.

He founded Pimlico Plumbing in 1979, built it into a £50m-a-year trading empire, then sold it last year for £140m.

So what do you do after that?

In this episode we talk about:

  • His plan to open a new service company based in Lambeth

  • Why he sold Pimlico and now feels he’s ‘letting customers and staff down’

  • How Pimlico Plumbing became so successful

  • The big mistake that nearly bankrupted Pimlico and how it came out

  • When his lawyer told him “the money is in your account”

  • Why is he running for Mayor of London?

  • The one question everyone always asks and what is the answer…

Listen above or wherever you stream your podcasts.

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