3 MA cities among America’s best places to live, says US News

Find out which spots made the list in the report released Tuesday morning.

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MASSACHUSETTS — Three large Massachusetts cities are among the top 150 places to live, according to a new ranking released Tuesday by US News & World Report.

Massachusetts cities named in the 2024-2025 Best Places to Live in the USA report and their rankings include:

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88. Boston — Boston is home to some of the most important social, cultural and political moments in US history. Living in the region can feel like you’re role-playing the pages of a history book while experiencing the perks of a modern metropolitan area.

136. Worcester — Worcester’s diverse neighborhoods offer different experiences. The city center attracts students and other young people, while families tend to gravitate to the many parks, lakes and playgrounds in the suburbs. Each neighborhood has a unique personality, from the Italian restaurants on Shrewsbury Street to the historic Victorian and Queen Anne homes on the west side.

138. Springfield — Springfield’s diverse recreational and employment opportunities are

short distance to other major East Coast metro areas. Springfield is about three hours from New York City, 90 minutes from Boston, and about 30 minutes from Hartford.

Naples, Fla., tops the list because of its strong job market and high quality of life, US News said. A change in data collection—including a shift from metropolitan area-based data to city-based data—brought some new appearances to the top 25 in the Midwest and South.

“Incorporating city-based data further localizes the Best Places to Live rankings, empowering those looking for a place to call home to consider the factors that directly influence livability and the overall experiences associated with a particular place Erika Giovanetti, loan expert and reporter for US News, said in a press release.

The top 10 places to live in the United States, according to the US News methodology, are:

  1. Naples, Florida
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  4. Greenville, South Carolina
  5. Charlotte, North Carolina
  6. Raleigh, North Carolina
  7. Huntsville, Alabama
  8. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Boulder, Colorado

This year, US News also adjusted its score weights to better consider a city’s value and job market.

“Growing concerns about career prospects, housing affordability and the increased cost of goods and services are reflected in this year’s rankings,” Giovanetti said. “While quality of life remains the top priority for many Americans, a city’s value and job market are becoming increasingly important to those looking for a place to live.”

US News considers the city’s job market, value, quality of life and desirability. The measures were weighted in part based on a public survey of thousands of people to find out what qualities they think are important in deciding where to live.

The 2024-2025 Best Places to Live were determined based on a methodology that considers the city’s job market, value, quality of life and desirability. These measures were weighted in part based on a public survey of thousands of individuals in the US to find the qualities they consider important in a place to live.

Data and information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Census Bureau, FBI, Sharecare, Bureau of Labor Statistics and other US News rankings were also used in the ranking.

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